The Latest ‘X-Files’ Teaser Is Chock Full Of Propaganda Vibes And Paranoid Skepticism

During Monday evening’s Gotham episode, FOX dropped a new X-Files teaser that takes it back to basics for Agent Fox Mulder. The trailer itself features animated imagery that plays like a propaganda poster brought to life. The disembodied voices of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson utter skeptical words, and this 30-second teaser appears to fulfill Chris Carter’s recent promise that the series will please “hardcore fans” of the original. There’s an implied pledge woven into that promise — that maybe the new episodes will make us forget the movies ever happened. Too much to ask?

We recently heard that the reboot would reuse the old title sequence, and we’re hearing shades of that familiar tune in this teaser. Overall, this teaser de-emphasizes the rocky ground observed between Mulder and Scully in the first full trailer. In the new teaser, they appear as a team once more, albeit one that will always revolve around a push-and-pull relationship. This is where the original show once excelled, no matter whether an episode revolved around a stand-alone story or built upon the existing mythology. Bring it all back to the friendly war between skepticism and belief, and the rest may fall into place.

The reboot will debut as a two-night season premiere on Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 and Monday, Jan. 25, 2016. Check your local listings for times.