Lucy Lawless And Renee O’Connor Still Look Great In This ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ Reunion Pic

There have been rumblings lately that Xena: Warrior Princess may be gracefully back-flipping its way back onto TV. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. If the show does come back, the internet will of course be overrun with the usual casting speculation, but I’m honestly not sure a new Xena show would have to do any casting. The original Warrior Princess is still totally up for the job.

Xena star Lucy Lawless has some sort of lady Benjamin Button thing going, because, at the age of 47, she’s arguably looking just as good, and maybe even a little better, than she did on her TV show that ended nearly 15 years ago (yes, we’re all very old). Renee O’Connor still has it goin’ on, as well. Check out the female dynamic duo in a new Instagram selfie below…


Here’s another Xena reunion…

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Yeah, maybe Xena and Gabrielle can’t flip around and chuck chakrams quite like they used to, but I’d be perfectly OK with a new show where they’ve settled down together in a little cottage in Trace, and just do some light adventuring on the weekends in between trips to the ancient Greek equivalent of Michaels. What? My middle-age Xena fanfic includes a lot of scrapbooking, OK?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)