The ‘Xena’ Reboot Is ‘Just A Rumor,’ According To Xena Herself

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Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter dropped news that Xena: Warrior Princess was being rebooted on NBC. And, well, the Internet promptly went nuts at the idea of everyone’s favorite chakram-thrower getting back on the air. Sadly, though, it’s either wishful thinking, or NBC hasn’t bothered to loop in Xena herself yet.

Lucy Lawless sums it up on Twitter:

Before any trolls hop down to the comments to say, “Well, they’re OBVIOUSLY recasting,” you might want to remember that Lucy Lawless is married to Rob Tapert, who created the show and thus is going to be the last word on whether there’s a remake. Not that the Hollywood Reporter doesn’t have excellent sources, but Lawless has better ones in this case.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that NBC isn’t perhaps getting ready to pitch Tapert on the reboot, which is odd, but certainly not out of the question. It’s not really strange that NBC would want to bring in a producer noted for turning out genre hits on TV to, uh, give them a few genre hits. But for now, it seems, we’ll have to wait for more sharp objects and jokes teasing Xena/Gabrielle shippers.

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