‘Y: The Last Man’ Television Show Is Moving Forward With An ‘American Gods’ Showrunner

Fans of Brian K. Vaughan‘s groundbreaking comic series, Y: The Last Man, have been waiting semi-patiently for news regarding the upcoming FX television adaptation. While many are a little worried about bringing that post-apocalyptic world to the small screen and doing it justice in the process, FX has some news that may put some of those fears at ease. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Green, formerly of Heroes and currently co-running American Gods with Bryan Fuller, has boarded the project as showrunner.

On top of American Gods and Y: The Last Man, Green is involved in projects like the Murder On The Orient Express remake, the Blade Runner sequel, and Logan. It’s safe to say that Green is about to break out in a big way (despite the Green Lantern black mark).

If you haven’t read the series by Vaughan and Pia Guerra that started in 2002 and ran for 60 issues, the Vertigo title explored a world where nearly everyone with a Y chromosome has been wiped out by a plague. Yorick Brown, the titular last man, and his monkey Ampersand are left to navigate a world of women and solve the mystery of of the semi-apocalypse. It is considered one of the greatest comic series of all time, so you should definitely dive into this world before FX puts its own spin on it.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)