Yarrr, These Twins Be Lookin’ Fer ‘Buried Treasure’

Leigh and Leslie Keno, the twins who host PBS’s “Antiques Roadshow,” will make the leap to television that people actually watch with a new show on Fox called “Buried Treasure.” I’m sure it will be nothing like “Antiques Roadshow”…

The brothers will travel the country hunting for hidden gems in peoples’ homes. Using their expertise and technology to determine authenticity and condition, the duo will reveal each item’s estimated auction value and gives the family a chance to sell. [EW]

…ir it will be exactly like “Antiques Roadshow,” but with some flashy graphics that PBS can’t afford.

“Right now, a lot of people in America need cash, and we’re helping them find it in their own homes,” says Joe Livecchi, series creator and executive producer… “We don’t really look at this as an antiques show because every episode is a treasure hunt.”

To help foster the idea that this is a treasure show and not an antiques show, I’ve provided some conceptual art in the banner image. Because the only way I’d ever watch this is if the Kenos dressed and talked like pirates the entire hour. Eye patches or GTFO.