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Given the overwhelming success of such Camelot remakes as First Knight, King Arthur, and the Kennedy presidency, Starz has announced its intention to make a TV show about Camelot, modernized to take place in the present day.

[T]he pay cabler has greenlighted a contemporary retelling of the Arthurian legend from a producing team that encompasses four countries — the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Canada — and is led by Oscar-winning producer Graham King and “The Tudors” masterminds Morgan O’Sullivan and Michael Hirst.

The 10-episode “Camelot”… uses Thomas Malory’s 15th century compilation, “Le Morte d’Arthur,” often considered the definitive work on the legend of King Arthur, as a starting point for a take on the tale that looks to weave authenticity into a narrative relatable to contemporary audiences in the vein of Showtime’s “The Tudors.”

“The story of Arthur isn’t history, it’s mythology, and Camelot isn’t a place but an idea of hope that has resonated at different times throughout history,” [Starz CEO Chris] Albrecht said. [THR]

Whatever, I suppose this could be good. Or not. It just seems to me that ever since I saw The Sword in the Stone as a kid, these adaptations of Camelot have just gotten worse and worse. You just can’t touch Sword in the Stone. It’s the only time in history that Disney has addressed the issue of human-squirrel interspecies love.

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