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Wanna feel terrible about society and the state of television news? Watch this video. During a report on street violence, someone from Chicago’s CBS affiliate interviewed a four-year-old. The report shows the kid saying that he’s not scared of street violence because he’s gonna have a gun when he grows up, and then promptly cuts back to the horrified anchors. Which would be a shocking indictment of our entire culture if the kid hadn’t gone on to say that the reason he’ll have a gun and won’t be scared is because he wants to be a police officer.


If there’s one thing we can be sure of here, it’s that the person at CBS responsible for cutting up a child’s words to make him sound dangerous is a real dic… tator. I mean, talk about a cock… amamie way to push your agenda. I hope the people of Chicago gang up and kick this guy’s ass…k questions-AFTER-cutting-the-footage attitude right outta town. He’s a real piece of shii… take mushroom.

Seriously though, that guy is the worst.

via Buzzfeed

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