You Can Thank ‘Yellowstone’ For The Upcoming Expansion Of Some Of Your Favorite Shows, Confirms A Paramount+ Exec

Fans can’t get enough of those Yellowstone cowboys as of late, and it seems like they are not holding those horses anytime soon. The hit series has been churning out both spinoffs and prequels, thanks to its impressive success, and it seems like Paramount+ is looking to keep the roster expanding.

“Having these big mass franchises that are really becoming popular is something that is critical for us,” Marco Nobili, Paramount+ EVP told the audience at this year’s Series Mania in France. “We know how to create popular content the same way as we know how to make content popular. You will hear us saying that over and over again,” he added.

Paramount has been expanding some of its most notable franchises, including the dad-approved Yellowstone and Dexter, and Nobili says that fans can expect this to happen more in the coming years. But the exec insists that the multiple spinoffs will only help to create larger universes of familiar characters, instead of just throwing various new shows at fans every few months, as another certain streamer tends to do.

Nobili added, “Building franchises doesn’t mean taking away originality. If you do a sequel of a show, audiences go down, but a prequel amps up the franchise. You can watch the prequel without having seen the original. That requires originality.” Right now, Yellowstone has two other shows already on the map: 1883 and 1923, along with the upcoming 666 and whatever Matthew McConaughey is cooking up over there. Not only that, but the Taylor Sheridan universe is rapidly growing, so it seems like Paramount is pretty confident in its upcoming roster of shows.

Maybe the streamer can resurrect the short-lived CBS series Under The Dome but with some cowboys this time. Then it will really stick!

(Via Variety)