Yes! This Bull Is F*ckin METAL!

08.20.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

By now you’ve probably heard about the bull that leapt into the stands at a bullfight in Tafalla, Spain, but I wanted to share the video footage that played on SkyNet (via boing boing). This probably reveals too much about my sexual proclivities, but the crowd’s shriek of terror as the bull enters the stands gives me an erection. If this bull were still alive, I’d invite him to my birthday party. From the YouTube description:

The incident comes at a time when Spain is split over whether bullfighting should be outlawed. Last month Catalonia became the first major Spanish region to ban it after a heated debate that pitted animal rights against a pillar of traditional culture.

I don’t want to sound like some crazy leftist animal lover, because I would like nothing more than that bull’s ribs slathered in Kansas City-style sauce and slow-cooked until tomorrow, but “pillars of traditional culture” are wildly overrated. You know what used to be an important part of American culture? Owning black people.

(By the way, today KSK’s commenter draft is Place You Want to See Demolished By Rampaging Bull)

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