Yet Another Alumnus Of ‘The Wire’ Has Been Added To The Cast Of ‘The Walking Dead’

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05.05.14 12 Comments

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I don’t remember where I read the interview, but after The Walking Dead had cast Chad L. Coleman as Tyrese, I specifically remember either Robert Kirkman or one of the producers expressing some hesitation about bringing in yet another alum of The Wire in Lawrence Gilliard Jr, who plays Bob Stookey. But he was so good, they couldn’t help themselves.

Now they’re bringing in yet another alumnus from The Wire, Seth Gilliam, who we haven’t seen that much of since The Wire, unless you’re a fan of MTV’s Teen Wolf series. Gilliam has been added as a series regular for next season as a character named Michael Todd, though we have no idea who that character is actually based on (and it’s being kept under wraps). As Deadline writes, “Michael is described as having two sides, displaying a friendly, puckish humor but also having a haunted side stemming from a dark secret.” Early speculation on Reddit based on that description suggests Father Gabriel, though that is obviously unconfirmed.

Either way, The Walking Dead gets another great actor, and The Wire alums continue to work. Now somebody please get Sonja Sohn on a decent series.

Source: Deadline

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