There Was A YOLO-Based Clue On ‘Jeopardy’ Last Night Because That Is As Hip As ‘Jeopardy’ Gets

So I suppose this is where I should bemoan the state of America in the wake of Jeopardy using a YOLO-based clue that referenced Urban Dictionary on last night’s episode, but, I mean … nah. Not gonna do that. If Jeopardy wants to try to get hip — or, at least, as hip as Jeopardy can get, considering this is a reference to a song from two years ago that everyone you know is already sick of — more power to them. All that I ask is that next time, in 2017, when they do a clue about getting turnt up, they release the behind-the-scenes footage of an underpaid production assistant explaining the whole thing to Trebek before the show. That’s the compromise, Jeopardy.

And besides, even if you are the type of person who views a YOLO clue on Jeopardy as a crystal-clear indicator that our once great society is crumbling into dust all around us, please allow me to point out that this is only like a five or a six on the Embarrassing Jeopardy Things Scale. Don’t believe me? Here, look:

That is a GIF of Alex Trebek doing the Gangnam Style dance during the Teen Tournament last year. This YOLO clue was nothing. NOTHING.

Source: Reddit