You Can Finally Buy The White Ferrari From ‘Miami Vice’ On eBay

Got an extra $1.75 million laying around, collecting dust? Good news, you can use it to purchase a 28-year old car from a random stranger on eBay. I know, it sounds way too good to be true, but you’re not going to want to pass up the opportunity to own an actual 1986 Ferrari Testarossa that was used on the classic TV action series Miami Vice. Finally, with this car you won’t look like an idiot when you push the sleeves up on the jacket you’re wearing over a neon t-shirt.

If you’re the type of car owner who is hung up on trivial things like mileage and condition, this work of art only has 16,000 miles and comes with a complete service history. But if you’re a rad dude who just wants an awesome story to tell, well, this is the ridiculously expensive car for you.

THE SHORT STORY about this car, when the MIAMI VICE show first aired a Daytona Ferrari replica was used, when Mr. Enzo Ferrari watched the show and witnessed the Fake Daytona he was outraged that a replica car was carrying his Ferrari name, automatically a law suit against Universal Studios was started.

A couple of shows later a deal was struck… the agreement was for Universal Studios Hollywood to BLOW UP the original Daytona replica on the actual M.V. show and for two new 1986 TESTAROSSA’S to take over as the Special A.T.F. Vice cars.

Both cars were born Carbon black but the camera equipment 30 years ago wasnt good enough to keep up with the night scenes and the speed of the cars. So, director Michael Mann decided that both cars were to be painted White and the Iconic Miami Vice Ferrari was Born… (Via eBay)

When I read that a guy named Enzo was outraged, all I can think of is Jerry’s barber tracing him back to his nephew’s apartment on Seinfeld. But knowing now that they appeased Mr. Ferrari by blowing up the car that had him so angry just makes the story all that cooler. Real power is having the ability to tell a studio that they can either blow up an automobile or you’ll sue.