You Can Now Own Farrah Abraham’s DNA For Just $99

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Farrah Abraham’s latest endeavor is with a company called Celebrity Gene, that takes the DNA of celebrities (usually by hair sample) and converts it to liquid form, which is then put into a vial to be worn around the neck. The other “celebrities” featured on Celebrity Gene’s website include Al Capone and Geronimo, which… I don’t even know how they would have gotten their hands on that DNA. Maybe they’re using OG Jurassic Park amber technology? Spare no expense!

At any rate, at least Abraham’s DNA is being sold for a good cause, according to TMZ:

The jewelry vials go for $99, and it’s mostly for a good cause because 50% goes to the charity of the celeb’s choice – in Farrah’s case, it’s Operation Underground Railroad, which helps rescue kidnapped children from slavery.

We’re told Abraham’s also banking a 10% cut from sales … in addition to the roughly $30,000 she got upfront for the DNA sample.

It sounds like they might be overestimating the demand for Farrah Abraham’s DNA, because they’ll have to sell over 300 necklaces just to recoup their initial investment. Which is really the least of the reasons why this isn’t a good idea. Do we really want future generations to have access to a reality star turned porn star turned stripper turned blow up doll model?

I smell Teen Mom Park opening in the year 3095.

(TMZ via BroBible)