You Cannot Unsee Julia Louis-Dreyfus Having Sex With A Clown In This GQ Photo Spread

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04.23.14 44 Comments

We’re all going to need some help reacting to something. For the sake of the fragile psyches of those of you with a debilitating fear of clowns but also a love for all things Julia Louis-Dreyfus the full image is below. Leave now as to not have your day/week/life ruined.

SO. Inside the new GQ comedy edition where Louis C.K. talks Pootie Tang and suicide there’s also an interview with the first lady of comedy about Veep and shedding the Elaine Benes stigma and what drives her etc, etc. But most importantly she banged a clown for the NSFW-ish photoshoot…

I don’t even … I just can’t … what is happening? This is probably a good time to include an excerpt from the interview.

Louis-Dreyfus swears that Selina’s anger isn’t fueled by her own inner demons. “I don’t have a sh*t-ton of baggage,” she says. “There’s not some grotesque, dark thing.”

I guess that sort of lack of baggage leaves you open to the idea of shoots like this… because, you know, you’re itching to obtain some “grotesque, dark thing”? No idea, folks. But at least it was all done in the name of love and family and maybe comedy…

If it makes everyone feel any better I’m pretty sure she didn’t actually bang the clown and have his child.

/roofies himself

Source: GQ

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