‘You Drank My Battleship!’

11.12.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Battle Shots. Ah, college: the only place where you can co-opt a board game so that you can competitively do shots of Seagram’s gin in pajama pants. [The Clearly Dope]

Eight Badass Veterans You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of. In case you missed it yesterday, here’s my Veterans Day feature. [UPROXX]

This Week in Drug News. Burnsy wonders if struggling drug dealers need a bailout. [UPROXX News]

Don’t worry, Nic Cage still looks ridiculous. The Season of the Witch trailer has all the Nic-Cage-in-silly-costumes you could possibly hope for. [FilmDrunk]

Mom? Sexy Jacksonville fan gets Jaguars players to sign her body, which she then has tattooed onto her. Classy lady. [With Leather]

Michael Bay approves. Transformers toy in other countries get awesomely offensive names. [Gamma Squad]

There’s lots of stuff I haven’t been able to cover over the last couple of days, so here’s your TV news roundup with video and animated GIF images:

Well played, Page 3. Topless model Rosie Jones and The Sun’s Page 3 deliver a worthy homage to Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice commercial. [BuzzFeed]

More on Caitlin Burke. Esquire’s Chris Jones caught up with the “Wheel of Fortune” phenom, and his article elucidates how she was able to solve the puzzle so quickly (she didn’t even need the letter she had to work with). Pretty cool. [Esquire]

Politics and reality TV, two of my favorite things. Is the Tea Party stuffing ballots to keep Bristol Palin on “Dancing with the Stars”? Of course not, she’s an amazing dancer! Like the ballerina hippo from Fantasia, minus the grace. [The Upshot]

Chocolate Snooki. So disturbing. [Daily Mail]

In honor of this week’s totally metal ‘Sons of Anarchy’ episode: Legendary Hell’s Angel Sonny Barger will make an appearance on the FX drama, plus an interview with showrunner Kurt Sutter. [TV Squad]

Conan is classy. When Sarah Palin was beefin’ with Letterman, O’Brien turned down the opportunity to have her on “The Tonight Show.” She appeared on “Tonight” during Leno’s first week back. [Mediaite, Tom Hank’s GIF via delinq]

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