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As much as I like Kristen Wiig, the one character that she plays on “Saturday Night Live” that I absolutely can’t stand is Gilly (video below). Every Gilly skit is six minutes of a painfully unfunny joke repeated ad nauseam. Oh hey, guess what? According to the newest issue of Retarded Ideas Weekly, Wiig will host the “SNL” Christmas special… as Gilly.

“SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas” will air Dec. 17 at 8 p.m. The two-hour special, the first for “SNL” since 2002, will be led by Wiig’s Gilly, an ever-smiling Annie-lookalike who delights in violent mischief. The special will feature new sketches with Gilly and highlights of classic holiday “SNL” sketches…

In a phone interview Monday, [Wiig] said part of the fun of Gilly hosting is in her slim vocabulary, which consists mainly of the simple catch-phrase “Sorry.” “That can be a tough one to work around,” Wiig said. “There’s going to be no long monologue. Maybe her five-word vocabulary will stretch to 10 or 11.” [AP]

NBC deserves everything bad that happens to it. With this and the Jay Leno debacle, it’s really transformed into the Terrible Idea Factory. “Here, try our Crystal Pepsi sausage.”

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