You Probably Shouldn’t Call Christina Hendricks ‘Full Figured’ When You’re Interviewing Her

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.04.12 40 Comments

I’ve long argued that the only Australian who should be allowed to conduct interviews is the “You Know What I Mean?” guy (well, him and the kangaroo from Kangaroo Jack, who I think is named Pete). Otherwise, you end up with extremely awkward chats, like the one Mad Men star Christina Hendricks had with the fashion editor of a newspaper. Our dear Joanie was there to talk about glasses for some riveting sounding glasses event, but the interviewer instead wanted to discuss her being an inspiration to “full figured” women, to which Hendricks later responded, “I think calling me full-figured is just rude.” If the Dalai Lama guy had been the one interviewing her (such a missed opportunity), he wouldn’t have made that mistake — he would have just made all the Tex Avery wolf sound effects, instead.

(Via Morning Herald)

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