You’ll Never Forget Who Voices Which ‘The Simpsons’ Character Thanks To This Handy Chart

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01.22.15 8 Comments

According to the Simpsons Wiki, Hank Azaria has voiced 20 pages worth of Springfield’s finest, or approximately 315 characters, ranging from beloved regulars like Apu to one-time-only “Trucker 3.” That’s a lot, so although Jishai Evers, who tweets as @jishai, couldn’t fit EVERY character from the series onto his chart, it’s still a helpful reminder that Harry Shearer, not Dan Castellaneta, is Jasper, and that Julie Kavner seems like Billy West compared to Yeardley Smith.

Now, if only I could remember if Lenny’s the black or white guy.

For a better look, click here.

Via @jishai

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