The Rock Explores His Past (And His Presidential Future) In The Trailer For NBC’s ‘Young Rock’

NBC has dropped the first official trailer for it’s upcoming series Young Rock, which focuses on the early life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he lifts and hustles his way to wrestling superstardom before setting his sights on Hollywood. But in a new twist, the trailer also reveals that the show will focus on The Rock’s future where he’s set his sights on Washington. While The Rock has teased fans with his presidential ambitions before, Young Rock takes that dream to a whole new level by actually showing The Rock running for office in 2032.

The presidential subplot will be boosted by Rosario Dawson and Randall Park, who both appear in the new trailer. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dawson plays General Monica Jackson, an “unrivaled force whose respected ethics and values are introduced as a very integral key to Dwayne Johnson’s presidential campaign.” As for Park, who was happy to reunite with showrunner Nahnatchka Khan after working together on Fresh Off the Boat, he plays a future version of himself who’s pivoted from acting to TV reporting.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Young Rock” is a single-camera comedy that tells the story of the wrestling star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and actor’s colorful early years. From growing up in a strong and resilient family, to being surrounded by the wild characters of his professional wrestling family, to playing football at the University of Miami, the show will explore the crazy roller coaster that has shaped Dwayne into the man he is today and the larger-than-life characters he’s met along the way.

Young Rock premieres February 16 on NBC.

(Via NBC)