Your Comprehensive Guide To Larry David’s ‘Seinfeld’ Cameos

Although Larry David never had a regular, credited acting role on Seinfeld (unless you consider George Costanza to simply be a Larry David proxy) he did pop up semi-regularly. In some cases he was visible, like as Frank Costanza‘s caped lawyer, and other times off-camera, such as when he voiced the distraught beach-goer who asked if anyone was a marine biologist.

Here I present to you, a look at twenty of Larry David’s most notable on- and off-screen Seinfeld cameos.

As a Greenpeace volunteer — Episode: “The Pilot”

As Frank Costanza’s Caped Lawyer — Episode: “The Chinese Woman”

… who later saves Elaine’s friend’s life.

As Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner — Episodes: Various

As a distraught beachgoer — Episode: “The Marine Biologist”

As a dispatch for a limo service — Episode: “The Lip Reader”

As the man who ordered a kosher meal on an airplane — Episode: “The Airport”

As the voice of Saddam Hussein — Episode: “The Dinner Party”

As the voice of Newman when he’s going to jump from the building — Episode: “The Revenge”

As a street vendor declining George’s $20 bill — Episode : “The Gum”

As the voice of a referee — Episode: “The Parking Space”

Standing in the hallway when Kramer gets arrested — Episode: “The Trip, Part 2”

As the comedy club announcer — Episode: “The Fire”

As the man who stole Jerry’s car — Episode: “The Alternate Side”

As a diner at the Chinese Restaurant — Episode: “The Chinese Restaurant”

As the cop’s voice when Kramer is having his mugshot taken — Episode: “The Wig Master”

As one of the announcers commenting on George eating ice cream — Episode: “The Lip Reader”

As the man who says “What do you say, Cosmo?” to Kramer and Babs — Episode: “The Switch”

As a space cadet in a fictional movie Flaming Globes of Sigmund — Episode: “The Heart Attack”

As a surgeon’s assistant during the Junior Mint accident — Episode: “The Junior Mint”

As a prisoner who threatens to cut Jerry — Episode: “The Finale”