Your First Look at ‘Community’s’ ‘Law & Order’ Episode

04.24.12 7 years ago 17 Comments

I’m typically not terribly keen on posting promos for television episodes, especially promos that force you to watch a commercial before you CAN WATCH THE COMMERCIAL. But this one is a bit different, not only because it’s “Community,” but because it’s “Basic Lupine Urology” (Get it? Wolf Pee –> Dick Wolf —> “Law and Order”), the “Law and Order” episode we’ve been hearing about basically since January, the one where someone dies. Who will die? That’s not divulged in the promo, but you can bet your ass that the “L&O” BUM BUMM gets some airplay. And who plays the detectives? Troy and Abed, of course.

Expect this to be another classic episode of the sitcom.

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