Your Newly Revealed Sci-Fi Lesbian Fantasy Almost Wore a Corset

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03.15.12 8 Comments

I don’t know if you caught it, but in an interview in this week’s Out Magazine, Gillian Anderson revealed that, back in the day, she used to mess around with the ladyfolk. And when I say, “mess around,” I think you know what I mean (psssst. Scully had mad, passionate, frenzied hip-grinding sex with other women). But we’re a television site, so we can’t go posting about every single celebrity woman that opens up about her steamy lesbian past. That’s UNPROFESSIONAL and completely outside of our scope.

However, if news were to break the very next day that the former star of “X-Files” also turned down a role in a very prominent television series, well, then maybe it’s OK to refer to the wet, sudsy rub-downs she engaged with in showers with other women, probably hot, blonde, fit women who looked like Kate Upton and hung upside down from tree branches while passionately kissing Gillian Anderson. But, again, we’re professionals, so instead of focusing strictly on the lesbian make-out sessions, the scissor positions, and the multiple climaxes that must have ensued during those spring afternoons in her wild, same-sex past, we’ll focus on the fact that Gillian Anderson turned down a role in “Downton Abbey.” She was apparently offered the role of Lady Cora, the part that eventually went to Elizabeth McGovern who — to my knowledge — has never opened up about passionate, naked finger-licking lesbian sessions in European saunas. However, if McGovern were to open up about that in the context of very important casting news, Warming Glow will be the first to report it.

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