Your Official 2014 UPROXX Guide To Summer TV

Summer is almost here, which means a few different things. First of all, it means that it is about to get hot and sweaty outside and you will be tempted to combat this by packing everyone in the car and driving to the beach to cool off in the ocean. Do not do this. The ocean is full of monsters. This is why swimming pools and air conditioners were invented, people. I can’t stress this enough. The second thing the beginning of summer means is the end of the 2013-14 television season. The broadcast networks have already wrapped up all their regular season shows, and the cable networks are winding theirs down, with Mad Men ending this past weekend, and other shows like Game of Thrones, Louie, and Fargo bearing down on their finales, too.

Fortunately, the third thing all of this means is that a new slate of shows is about to roll out, and unlike the reruns-and-reality-shows garbage pile we used to get in the summer, there are lots of good options. Some of them are light and fun, some are serious, some look incredibly creepy, and some look flat-out ridiculous. They really run the gamut, which is nice.

Below, please find a guide to some of the best, most promising, and stupidest shows of the summer, all of which I have helpfully separated into three categories: New Shows, Returning Shows, and Lawyer Shows. Yes, lawyer shows get their own category. You’ll see why.


Title: Crossbones
Premiere Date: NBC, May 30
Summary: Crossbones is NBC’s big fancy summer event series, the pitch for which appears to have been “Okay … but what if John Malkovich played Blackbeard, and, like, really Malkoviched it up?” It looks … good? I don’t know. I’ve watched the trailer about three times and I can’t get past that screencap up there.

Title: Halt and Catch Fire
Premiere Date: AMC, June 1
Summary: With Breaking Bad over and Mad Men winding down, AMC could really use a non-zombie hit. TURN and Low Winter Sun didn’t move the needle, but this show, about the personal computer revolution of the early 1980s, looks promising. The pilot is up on AMC’s website before the premiere, so if you wanna get a jump on it, there you go.

Title: Tyrant
Premiere Date: FX, June 24
Summary: From the minds behind Homeland and 24, Tyrant is an original drama that focuses on a prodigal son returning to the turbulent Middle Eastern nation his family calls home. The teasers for the show have been vague as all hell so far, but here’s some more background.

Title: The Leftovers
Premiere Date: HBO, June 29
Summary: Former Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof returns to TV with this new Rapture-y HBO series. The short version: One day two percent of the world’s population just straight-up vanishes, and the people left on Earth deal with the fallout. The first trailer looked really solid, and the subject matter seems to be right up Lindelof’s alley, so let’s go ahead and file this one under Optimistic.