You’re All Invited To A Party With Alison Brie And Adam Scott! Kind Of!

04.10.14 6 Comments

A few things:

  • I apologize for the headline. You are not, in fact, invited to an party with Alison Brie and Adam Scott. (Unless you are, through other means not related to this post, in which case CONGRATS, BIG SHOT.) It’s just that’s it’s hard out there for a plucky little blogger to get those sweet, sweet clickety-clicks, and this one was too easy. You understand. All in the game and so on and so forth.
  • What is actually happening here is that Smirnoff enlisted Brie and Scott to star in a little short film — which is being broken up into commercial-length segments for television — about the two of them throwing a party together.
  • Brie and Scott are a really fun duo, yes? Between her boundless energy and his, uh … whatever the reverse of that is, they provide a nice little comedy yin-yang. Let’s get them a buddy comedy. They can be cops named Ed Dry and Kate Bubbly who are tasked with investigating Miami’s night clubs. Dry & Bubbly: Champagne Unit, coming to theaters this summer. Etc. etc. etc.

So that’s that. But there’s also this: the video ends with the two of them enjoying sandwiches and Bloody Marys the day after the party.

Are … are we supposed to take from this that Alison Brie and Adam Scott got drunk on Smirnoff at the party and slept together? Is that what’s happening here? Because it kind of looks like that’s what’s happening here. I demand a follow-up advertisement that explains this.

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