‘You’re The Worst’ Finally Gave Its Viewers Hope That All Is Not Lost

You’re The Worst
‘s second season is coming to a close, and Wednesday’s episode, “Other Things You Could Be Doing,” was a mad dash to the finish line. With only one episode left, creator Stephen Falk and crew had a ton of storylines to wrap up, and most were dealt with last night, with varying degrees of satisfaction. Nearly every character had a storyline, and “Other Things You Could Be Doing” walked the line of being overstuffed. However, it was so emotionally satisfying that one can forgive a breakneck pace.

At the end of last week’s “Rapidly Mutating Virus,” it looked like Jimmy had finally given up on Gretchen, choosing to hook up with Nina the bartender instead. That came to an abrupt end when he saw the state of her toes and she remembered her aversion to drunken hook-ups. However, they make plans to head out later for a weekend at her cabin to do things “right.” However, as Jimmy not so subtly steps into the harsh light of day, you can see his resolve immediately begin to crumble a bit. He may be hurting from Gretchen’s rejection last week, but he isn’t a total bastard. When he returns home to find Gretchen unresponsive except by text on his couch, Jimmy decides that he cannot just leave her in her current state, calling up everyone in her phone book (hey, Henry Rollins!) to come and attempt to snap her out of it. (Side note: the knowing nods between Sam, Honey Nuts, and Sh*tstain about Rectify is one of the low key moments that make this show so great.)

Jimmy continues to think that Gretchen’s depression is just something she can shake off, but he does genuinely want to help her. When he asks her to explain it to him, and she tells him that she can’t, it’s a sad moment between two people who don’t want to hurt each other, but are so at odds that they can’t help it. She gives him the go ahead to be with Nina, but at the last minute, Jimmy decides to stay. As Nina’s texts become increasingly panicked, Jimmy handles things in the most Jimmy way possible: hiding in the bushes and waiting for her to leave. When she sees him cowering in the hedges, she realizes that he’s not leaving with her, and instead of making a scene, wordlessly leaves. When we check in again on Gretchen, Jimmy has built a blanket fort around her on the couch. When she realizes that Jimmy is still there beside her, Gretchen’s chin quiver and “You stayed? You stayed.” is enough to break the coldest of hearts. I don’t know, you guys. I think these two are going to make it. It’s easy to forget that You’re The Worst is a rom com in its own twisted way, and this moment proved that sometimes just being the one who stays is pretty damn romantic.

Aside from all of the Gretchen and Jimmy relationship drama, Edgar and Lindsey also had a lot going on in the b-plots. After Jimmy blows off his improv show yet again, Edgar finally realizes that Jimmy will only ever see him as “a freeloading veteran with perfect features.” Jimmy is too wrapped up in his own (and Gretchen’s) drama to ever treat Edgar like an equal, and we finally see Edgar take control of his own life. He’s moving out of Jimmy’s and getting an apartment with Dorothy. As easily the sweetest character on the show, it is great to finally see Edgar get some agency and some happiness.

And finally, Lindsey. After hitting rock bottom this season, it appears that she is starting to realize that she has to start taking responsibility for her own life. She starts by apologizing to Becca (the reveal that she was an anti-vaxxer was so spot on) for being a bad sister, and finally serves up Paul’s divorce papers. However, all that progress is brought to a halt when she throws up into a trash can, universal television code for “pregnant.” Peeing on a stick (in a parking lot, natch) later confirms this, so that leaves some drama for the finale and third season.

After a season packed with a lot of despair, it was a pleasant surprise to finally have an episode so filled with hope. There are no easy answers for all the relationship questions facing our protagonists, but this episode made it clear that they have at least a shot at making the right choices.

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