Everyone Needs Help In The ‘You’re The Worst’ Season 3 Trailer

Season two of FXX’s You’re the Worst was really something. It was a comedy, definitely, but it also ping-ponged back and forth into drama. Like, real drama. Clinical depression drama. Between this show and BoJack Horseman, it is truly a great time for goofball comedies that are capable of moving you to tears. We are quite blessed, really.

Anyway, finally, season three of the series has a trailer. Titled “Life,” it gives us a little peek at where things are headed. And they are headed to… therapy! Well, Gretchen is, at least. “I finally saw that stupid therapist for the talky-talky,” she says at one point. After she yells “Shots!” and has a conversation with Jimmy that I will now transcribe for you in full:

GRETCHEN: I love you.
JIMMY: I love you, too.
GRETCHEN: I knew it!
JIMMY: Psych! Nice try, dummy.

So, yes, You’re the Worst still appears to be exactly the show you’ve come to know and love over the first two seasons, and one that remains very difficult to explain without making it sound like a weird and sad bummer, which results in you feeling required to interrupt yourself by shouting “But it’s funny!” every now and then. It is, though. Shouts to Vernon and his trash juice empire.

Season three of You’re the Worst premieres August 31.

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