The ‘You’re The Worst’ Final Season Trailer Asks If Gretchen And Jimmy Will Actually Get Married

After an “uneven” third season and a fourth entry that tried to spice things up with one outstanding set of circumstances after another, FXX’s relationship dramedy You’re the Worst is finally coming to an end. Stephen Falk’s series about the ins and outs of Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy’s (Chris Geere) tumultuous courtship turned engagement cum separation is set to premiere its fifth and final season on Wednesday, January 9th. And judging by the new trailer, the couple’s rocky future might just stay that way.

From Gretchen’s mental health issues and her many struggles to overcome or manage them, to the death of Jimmy’s father and his striking ability (or lack thereof) to commit himself to something right before immediately running away from it, the pair’s story in You’re the Worst can go in all sorts of directions. They may end up breaking it all off once and for all, or they just might go through with the marriage and see if it sticks. But if neither option is viable, Gretchen and Jimmy very well may try something totally new.

Whatever ends up happening to the sometimes happy couple, You’re the Worst fans should rest assured that, judging by the new trailer, the final season of Faulk’s series looks like a return to form. Or, put another way, You’re the Worst season five is going to be as ludicrously funny as it is painfully awkward to watch, at times.