Stephen Falk And His ‘You’re The Worst’ Team Are Developing Two New Shows For FX

You’re the Worst was one of the best shows of 2014 and, somehow, it managed to get even better in its second season. Toeing the line between comedy and drama — or jumping back and forth across it with glee — can get a little dicey, especially when you’re dealing with a topic like clinical depression, so the fact that they pulled it off so well is something worth celebrating. Part of that celebration happened last week, when the series was renewed for a third season and showrunner Stephen Falk signed a big fancy overall deal with FX, and another part just happened today, when FX announced they are developing two new comedies with him.

The first series, an as-yet-untitled semi-autobiographical project from You’re the Worst writer Alison Bennett that Falk will co-write and executive produce, will focus on “an unrelentingly dissatisfied TV writer who returns to her hometown in rural Pennsylvania to live the simple life.” The second, from You’re the Worst writers Franklin Hardy and Shane Kosakowski, will be based on the book Join Me, which Amazon describes thusly:

On a lark, journalist Danny Wallace placed an ad in a small London paper that offered two simple words: “join me.” What followed was astounding. From all over the world, thousands of replies poured in, effectively “joining” Danny-but in what, he had no idea. When “Joinees” began referring to him as “The Leader,” Danny quickly understood one thing-he had just created a cult.

If anyone can mine comedy gold from shows about accidental cult creation and depressed television writers living in Pennsyltucky, it’s the people behind You’re the Worst. Color us intrigued.