FXX Announced The Premiere Dates For ‘You’re The Worst’ And ‘The League’

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07.21.15 6 Comments
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If it feels like it’s been too long since season one of You’re the Worst ended, that’s because it has. All the teaser trailers, with Gretchen drunk-eating cake and Jimmy’s pervert Spider-Man, have been nice, but GOSH DARNIT, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT SHENANIGANS THEY GET INTO NOW THAT THEY’RE LIVING TOGETHER. Thankfully, FXX announced today that You’re the Worst will return on September 9, the same night the final season of The League premieres.

The League – Wednesdays at 10 pm. EST
You’re the Worst – Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. EST

That is far too many Sunday Fundays from now. Until then, picture Raffi on You’re the Worst.

raffi naked


Actually, he’d probably get along with Gretchen and Jimmy really well.

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