YouTube’s Biggest Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Entertainment Writer
06.25.16 5 Comments

When Jimmy Kimmel gives celebrities a chance to read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it seems like a moment behind the curtain. You’re almost certain that some of these celebrities have never actually read any of the hate they’ve received online before, so it adds to that mystique behind it. Not the same in his latest entry in the series.

Kimmel gets some of YouTube’s biggest creators and lets them read some of the meanest, funniest things that have been written about them online. Grace Helbig, Markiplier, The Vlogbrothers Green, and more all stop by to poison their minds with Twitter hatred. And unlike celebs like Sean Penn or Charlize Theron, you can almost guarantee these folks have seen similar or worse during their time online. In fact, just go read any random YouTube comment section on their videos.

The most bitter one here is likely seeing Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith from BFvsGF right before (or after) they had broken up. It isn’t like they’ve stopped posting videos or anything, but the hate just seems to pile on a bit now that their prank days together have ended.

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