Yup, a Full Week Dedicated to the ‘Saved by the Bell’ Hawaii Movie

09.19.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

In 1992, “Saved by the Bell” aired a four-episode TV movie in which the gang flew to Hawaii and saved Kelly’s grandfather’s hotel by terrorizing tourists. It was precisely as stupid as everything else that happened on “Saved by the Bell,” except Lisa and Kelly and Jesse wore bikini tops.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Warming Glow contributor Danger Guerrero is joining forces with lolslater — Tumblr’s finest “SBTB”-only blog — to spend an entire week talking about the movie. They’re spending one day discussing each episode in turn, then Friday they’ll answer reader questions about this fine piece of TV history (you can ask submit queries here or here). Here’s an excerpt from today’s entry:

LS: Between the gang’s junior and senior year of high school, they all go to visit Kelly’s grandfather, who owns a hotel in Honolulu, I guess.  Then a whole bunch of Saved By the Bellish things happen and we all learn a valuable lesson about something and I feel bad about myself for watching it. THE END.

DG: So I guess the most important part of Part 1 is the Screech thing, right? I mean, we could start with the part where Kelly’s family could apparently afford a round trip ticket to Hawaii, but not a ticket to the prom… but I think the fact that a white dork from California turned out to be the long-awaited savior of a native Hawaiian tribe is somewhat more important. And by “somewhat more important,” I mean “way a lot racist.” FUN FACT: Like 30% of the “indigenous Hawaiian tribesman” are just white dudes in straw hats!

Reading the entire thing is probably the best possible use of your time, assuming you have a terrible job and enjoy remembering awful pop culture. I love the Internet.

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