Zach Braff Made A Video To Help A Guy Propose To His Girlfriend. She Said Yes.

The internet is about as divided in its opinions of Zach Braff as it on the “GIF” pronunciation, but if there’s one way to unify the world wide web in their opinion of you it’s providing a heart-warming assist in a marriage proposal video.

I’m still a little unclear on the connection between the proposer, Matt Hulbert, and Zach Braff, but apparently the pitch to real life JD was something along the lines of, “Let’s make it dusty EVERYWHERE.” Really the only thing this proposal is missing is Donald Faison jumping out of a closet and doing the Turk dance when she says yes.

Apologies in advance to all the fellas out there whose proposals will forever feel inadequate after watching this.

Now THAT is how you get people to fund your Kickstarter. Also, not a bad way to propose either. Even if Reddit is busy debating whether she was pressured into saying “yes.” Never change, Reddit.

Via Reddit