Zachary Quinto Is Starring In A New NBC Drama And The Entire Premise Is Him Slapping Someone’s Kid

Zachary Quinto is starring in a new NBC mini-series called The Slap, which is being called a “complex family drama,” with the entire premise revolving around the aftermath of Quinto’s character Harry slapping a couple’s misbehaving child — presumably strangers. You know, if anyone can sell smacking a bratty kid, it’s definitely Zachary Quinto. And that’s not an insult at all whatsoever, but a testament to his deliciously bitchy acting style. I really kind of can’t wait to watch Zachary Quinto slap a child, you guys. Is that bad? Entertainment Weekly writes:

From the official description: “Married, with a 15-year-old son, he is a mechanic/dealer specializing in expensive European automobiles, and lives with his family in a Brooklyn loft. Perennially angry but seemingly pleased with his life, Harry is a staunch believer in family and loyalty and never shies from picking a fight. However, Harry picks on the wrong guy when he slaps the horribly misbehaving child of another couple.”

The mini-series is slated to be eight episodes long and also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Mary-Louise Parker, and Emmy winner Brian Cox who will play a “peacemaker” in the family. Sadly there’s no set air date yet, because based on the premise and cast, I am ready to watch the sh*t out of this.