Zendaya May Not Be On ‘The Bear’ Anytime Soon After Her Attempt At Cooking Landed Her In The Emergency Room

Zendaya is a renaissance woman, beloved as an actress and a singer. But one thing she is not is a cook. Should anyone from The Bear ever seek to enlist her talents, they should check out some of out her recent Instagram stories, where she revealed that a recent attempt at home cooking landed her in the emergency room.

On Wednesday, Zendaya apparently attempted to cook for herself, maybe as a celebratory act after Hoovering up four whole Emmy nominations. She did not go into details about what she was cooking and with what implements. But it appears that she had a mishap, presumably with some sharp knife that did a number on her finger.

One image showed her bandaged-up finger, with a hulking mass of crimson bleeding through the gauze. “See now…this is why I don’t cook,” she wrote in the caption.

Even her P.A. Darnell Appling got in on the action. ““Never a dull moment with @zendaya no pun intended,” he wrote in his own Instagram Stories, adding, “Dear God, help me keep this little heffa safe cause she clumsy as hell.”

Zendaya later posted an image of the aftermath, writing “Baby’s first stitches lol back to never cooking again.”

So Zendaya could never hold her own with the chefs at Chicago’s The Beef. She can still take over Buffy the Vampire Slayer, long as she doesn’t accidentally stab herself with those stakes.

(Via Page Six)