This Week On ‘Zoo’: The Mother (Er, Father?) Of All Plot Twists

09.15.17 10 months ago 3 Comments


This season of Zoo has been loaded with twists, often involving family. A brief sampling:

  • Mitch came out of the stasis tank and was introduced to the daughter he hadn’t seen in a decade, only to find out that it was an impostor
  • Mitch’s real daughter was carrying a secret fetus
  • Abigail, the supervillain who created the hybrids and appears hellbent on ending the human race, turned out to be Jackson’s secret sister
  • Abebdagos, the half-human half-ape hybrid that Jackson stole from a trailer with the assistance of a pack of lions he controlled with his mind, was actually created using a part of Abigail’s DNA, which makes it kind of Jackson’s brother.

And so on. There were more, probably, but you’ll forgive me if they escape me as I type this. A few weeks ago we saw a 60-foot invisible snake that lived in an abandoned Peruvian funhouse. A few weeks before that, someone pushed a car out of an airplane and into a volcano. Zoo is not a show that you watch while charting plot points like Breaking Bad. Zoo is a show you watch while holding on for dear life.

Which brings us to this week’s episode, the one that sets up next week’s season three finale, and the one that gave us our biggest and weirdest twist yet.

But first, some housecleaning.


This, to be clear, is Abigail — who is still not dead, despite almost dying twice and actually dying once — firing an EMP at the science plane, which kills its electronics and forces the team to make an emergency landing on the wrong side of the barrier, in what the show calls “the hybrid zone.” This means that our team — including the miracle baby Clem had last episode — has to get to the safe zone without getting eaten by the hybrid razorback wolves roaming the terrain. Which is a problem. Do we got hybrid razorbacks menacingly roaring off-camera to signify this?


Oh, hell yeah, we got hybrid razorbacks menacingly roaring off-camera to signify this.

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