This Week On CBS’s ‘Zoo’: Impostor Daughters And Secret Sisters!

07.07.17 2 years ago

The thing about Zoo is that even when you think “Hmm, not too much happened this week,” you are wrong. Hopelessly, undeniably wrong. I know because that’s what happened to me this week. I finished the episode and was kind of bummed because there wasn’t one big fun thing I could focus on for this post, but then I looked over my notes and realized just how many truly insane things happened. Maybe I’m taking the show for granted now. I mean, there was an impostor daughter plot and a mutant egg broadcasting a signal to mutant wolves and children being hauled off in cages for science. That’s a lot of things! And it’s not even all of them.

So, to make sense of it all, I will present the events of the show in three sections, each of which I have given a simple, straightforward heading.

Bob Benson from Mad Men is using an alias because the world is hunting him down and this episode he was discovered by both Logan the former evil military guy and the lady who blew up the armor-plated rhino last week and SURPRISE is also his secret sister

Three things:

1. Bob Benson, whose character’s name is Jackson Oz, is going by the name Dylan because the world mistakenly thinks he was responsible for the global sterilization, and even his new girlfriend is hunting “him.” He has apparently been hiding in Oregon and controlling attack lions with his brain for 10 years without getting discovered, and yet somehow gets found out by two different people in about 12 hours.

2. I love this because, like, did no one have a picture of him? The article they pull up has a picture of a different guy, so there’s obviously some cover-up happening somewhere, but still. The sterilization happened in 2016. If the world was really looking for him, someone on Reddit would have found a Facebook photo or whatever and then it would have gone viral. It would be all over the news, and it would have been undeniable because no one on this show has aged a day despite a 10-year time jump. I work online. I know this for a fact.

3. I also love that this is apparently the thing I’m nitpicking on a show where a tissue sample grows into a egg that sends signals to mutated razorback hellbeasts, which we’ll get to in a minute.

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