Derek Anderson Has A MNF Meltdown

11.30.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

The guy who scheduled a NFC West matchup for Monday night television’s biggest attraction needs to be raked across the coals and fed mothballs for his insolence. When a single win or loss can be the difference from you sitting at first or last in your division, you can anticipate some crummy football. Nevermind the fact that the San Francisco 49ers squashed the Arizona Cardinals 27-6 in front of the entire nation on their home turf. No, there’s no real story in there. It was Cardinal QB Derek Anderson who is awarded player of the game—not for his unspectacular play on the field, neither.

When asked about a 4th quarter sideline chuckle when he obviously should have had a wet towel over his head, Mr. Anderson totally lost his scruples in defense of his actions.

Hey Derek, we’re not laughing at you. We’re laughing at your salmon collar shirt. Certainly nobody is accusing you of being the sole reason you guys have lost six games straight. The reporter expectantly tapped into Cardinals fans’ Twitter feeds and they probably wanted to know what was so “freakin’ funny” in the midst of that ass-thrashing. Turn that frown upside down and stop being soooo sensitive.

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