Eric Gordon Should Probably Enter The Dunk Contest

11.02.10 7 years ago 27 Comments

When you have the bounce of a trampoline residing in the soles of your feet, that kind of birth defect is only really good for a couple things. Either taking your talents to All-Star Weekend to showoff for the most popular event or using those hops to brandish your scrotum in the face of the San Antonio Spurs. Eric Gordon has one of those options covered as he recently put Tim Duncan and James Anderson on a pin-up poster with his tomahawk jams.

As exciting as all this was, real players know a dunk is only worth two-points. The Clippers fell to the Spurs 97-88 as well as 0-4 on the season. Less SportsCenter and more sportsmanship, fellas.

Update: So apparently he has been in a contest and the dreadful performance was washed away from my memory for the better. So how about “Eric Gordon Should Give The Dunk Contest Another Whirl?” Yeah, I think we’ll roll with that one.

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