5 Bill Hicks Stand Up Bits That Everyone Should Know On The 20th Anniversary Of His Death

20 years ago today, we had one of our best comedic talents taken away from us. Bill Hicks wasn’t afraid to give the most honest, vulgar, inspiring and well-thought out comedic rants you could ever marvel at. He hit as many subjects as he could and often sounded like a college professor who went off during class because the students needed to know that the textbooks were garbage.

Since his death on February 26, 1994, his material has been spread all over the world and he’s since become one of the biggest names in comedy. I dare to say that not one college dorm room hasn’t been exposed to the voice of Bill Hicks genius. So, for that reason, and to remember how amazing he was, here are 5 stand up bits of his you should be familiar with.

Positive Drug Story

Marketing and Advertising (After getting my Bachelor’s in Marketing, he’s depressingly spot on.)

Creationist Dinosaurs, Bush, Fundamentalist Christians

Your Children Aren’t Special

Drugs and Music

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