A 450-Pound Florida Man Was Arrested For Hiding Drugs In His Fat Rolls

06.16.14 4 years ago 5 Comments
florida fat man

Volusia County Sheriff's Office

Weighing 450 pounds has its disadvantages. You’re going to die shortly and…well, I guess that’s about it, because everything else sounds great. Everyone expects you to eat everything in sight anyway, so you’d might as well have that second helping of an entire cake; plus, if you ever need a place to stash something, you’ve got your fat rolls to hide the loot. So long as it’s not weed.

Deputies found marijuana in the stomach chub of a 450-pound Florida man known as “Fat Boy.”

The drug-running suspect and his driver were pulled over near Osteen on Friday for not wearing a seat belt. The big passenger, Christopher Mitchell, 42, told the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputy he was too fat to wear a seatbelt, arrest records show.

The deputies searched Mitchell and found 23 grams of marijuana hidden under his fat.

Police also found a handgun in the middle console and $7,000 in cash stuffed in a tube sock. (Via)

FINALLY, the Jake and the Fatman remake I’ve been asking for. Thanks Florida!

Via Daily News

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