A Commute To Remember: 17 Goats Just Wandered Into A Train Station In Spain

09.11.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

While New Yorkers like me worry about bedbugs infiltrating our subways, it seems Spain’s got a bigger problem within their public transportation system. Like, literally bigger. On Tuesday, a herd of 17 goats somehow made its way into a train station in Catalonia, Spain.

Surprised people snapped photos and posted videos online as they watched the goats delicately pick their way along the tracks.

The goats were “completely disoriented and frightened,” security guard Antonio Jesús Martínez told El País. Using a whistle and his voice, he spent 40 minutes guiding the goats towards an unused track in the station. “It was like I had been herding goats all my life,” he joked.

The goats were first spotted in a tunnel just before the station, said Jordi Carrera of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalonia (Railways of the Generalitat of Catalonia). “Now we’re trying to figure out exactly where they would have entered from.”

Station staff have seen the occasional cow wander onto their outdoor tracks*, he said, from a nearby farm. “But never anything like this.”

Eventually, the goats were successfully removed from the station one by one, and despite the little fiasco, miraculously, train service went uninterrupted. (If New York’s subways were overrun with farm animals, they’d probably shut down for at least a week. I mean, they barely run on schedule on perfectly normal days.)

* Cows!? Are fences not a thing in Spain?

Via The Guardian

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