A Gigantic Swarm of Bees Attacked A Family in Beeville, TX

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06.02.14 10 Comments


A man was clearing out some brush on his tractor behind his welding business in Beeville, Texas, when a large swarm of bees attacked him, his son and his grandson. You’d think if you lived in Beeville, you’d be more prepared for random bee attacks. Like there would be some kind of procedure or something? THIS IS NOT A DRILL. THIS IS A CATEGORY 4 BEE ATTACK. PLEASE HEAD FOR COVER AND BRING IN YOUR CHILDREN AND PETS.

No, but seriously, the attack was so bad that 15 firefighters and nine police officers had to be called in on a “life saving mission” to rescue the two men and young boy. KiiiTV3 reports:

“We started with a garden hose. My dad said turn on the garden hose, and they were all over my face,” Richard Cantu said. “I couldn’t find the garden hose because I mean, I just took my glasses off and I couldn’t see and we finally got it, and that’s when I called 911. They were too out of control. There was just too many of them.”

“This is the largest bee swarm I have ever seen, with the most injuries, and there’s a lot of animals,” Beeville Police Sergeant Greg Baron said. “There’s a couple dogs, there’s even a cow back there, all of them seem to be in a pretty good amount of pain.”

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