Let’s Help This Adorable Old Guy And His Dogs Get More Retweets Than Ellen

03.05.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

A Texan man, Terry Shipman, is on a mission to have this adorable selfie — which he took with his dogs and originally just tweeted to his son — to get retweeted more times than Ellen’s Oscar selfie. Go on, I’m listening. Buzzfeed got the scoop with Terry:

They first noticed it picking up steam around 7:30 p.m. last night, when Shipman’s daughter Laura Jane called and said, “Dad, you’ve got over 900 retweets!”

“I wasn’t too amazed and said, ‘Is that a big deal?’” Shipman admitted.

About an hour later, the tweet had over 3,000. Shipman said he still wasn’t very impressed, but accepted that it was out of the ordinary.

If he could’ve guessed, the engineer says he would’ve expected the tweet to get about a dozen retweets at the most.

“My phone is just going berzerk,” Shipman said, adding that now that it’s going viral he still has faith they might be able to break Ellen’s record — but that he knows it’s a long shot.

“We’ve got a long ways to go,” he said.



I don’t get behind a lot of causes, but Terry Shipman’s goal to get retweeted more than Ellen is something I can wholeheartedly endorse. At the time of this writing, he’s gotten over 60,000 retweets in less than 24 hours, and has even won the attention of Chrissy Teigen. Think of it this way: For every retweet Terry Shipman gets, it’s like an angel gets its Twitter account.

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