An Artist Has Depicted What Iconic Album Covers Look Like From Different Angles

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04.09.14 3 Comments

In case you’ve ever wondered, “Hey, what does the Nevermind baby look like from behind?” please get some professional help. But before doing so, you might be interested in The Dark Side of the Cover, a Flickr project from artist Harvezt who imagines what famous album covers look like from different perspectives. There’s the front of Born in the U.S.A.-era Bruce Springsteen, Aladdin Sane‘s back, and a whole lot of butts.

It’s a neat idea, but seriously, stop thinking about the Nevermind baby’s backside.

master puppets

nirvana nevermind

cannibal corpse


dre chronic

bowie sane


bruce born usa

public enemy


Via Harvezt

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