Anna Kendrick Is Done With Singing Because She Wants To Drink Beer Whenever She Wants

02.26.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

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Once you’ve sang for the president, there’s nowhere to go but…to the nearest beer and have a stiff drink, or ten, because singing is TOUGH. Except you can’t, unless you wanna ruin your voice. Just ask Anna Kendrick, who has two musicals coming out this year in The Last 5 Years and Into the Woods, as well as Pitch Perfect 2, which hasn’t started filming yet due to a shortage of non-broken cups, but will soon.

“I never want to sing again, honestly. It’s hard as f*ck,” the actress, who starred on Broadway as a 12-year-old, admitted to TheWrap at a screening of her film at Lincoln Center on Monday night. “The Pitch Perfect [sequel] is going to be fine, ten girls have to be able to sing the songs so it’s going to be fine, but doing The Last Five Years and then Into the Woods straight away, I was like, I don’t want to have to think about my voice so much. I want to be able to drink beer whenever I want.” (Via)

Um, it’s possible to get really, really drunk, and still sing like a champ.

Then again, if Anna starts belting out GbV tunes, I might faint and never recover.

Via the Wrap

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