Apple Lags Sony, Microsoft, And Samsung In One Key Area

01.21.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


Apple pretty much dominates because of their products attracting a cult like following that I’ll never understand, but what they lack in relation to Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung is the customer experience. Per The Wall Street Journal:

Amazon scored highest among the 17 consumer-electronics manufacturers operating in North America. It was the only manufacturer to garner an “excellent” rating of 91 for Kindle customers.

Sony came in second with a rating of 83, while Microsoft and Samsung followed one point behind at 82. Apple scored an 81. All three brands rated below Apple in the 2013 survey. Any score between 76 and 85 is deemed “good” by the survey’s findings.

Does this mean that Apple could soon be at the end of its empire and come crashing down like Rome, or my Aunt’s chair when she sits down really fast? Probably not, they’re still within a good range, but it does mean that people are becoming less enthused about Apple.

I, for one, have never really been an Apple fan, and am becoming even less of a Microsoft fan ever since they put a tablet operating system onto PC’s. They also took away the start button and replaced it with tiles? The Windows 8.1 update promised to return it, but it just does the same thing as before and leads you to those annoying tiles. You know who else used tiles before? AOL.

Banner via Getty, The Wall Street Journal

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