An Arizona Man Abandoned His 11-Month-Old Daughter So He Could Climb Around A PetCo. Ceiling

02.20.14 4 years ago

What do you do when you’re paranoid of a bike gang chasing you and you have your 11-month-old child with you? You abandon her in your running car, run into a PetCo., and hide in the ceiling, of course. Via AZ Family:

A Mesa man is accused of leaving his baby daughter to fend for herself, while he tried to get away from a motorcycle gang allegedly chasing him.

Mesa police say 34-year-old Jay Bishop left the 11-month-old girl in a running car outside a Petco store on University and Gilbert on Sunday.

Police say he then ran inside the Petco. Customers were in the store at the time. Police say Bishop locked himself in a storage room, shimmied into a crawl space and proceeded to make quite a racket in the ceiling.

It reminds me of Die Hard, but not at all like Die Hard. So how did this all come to an end? Did the bike gang come into PetCo. and give him a whooping in front of a bunch of cheering puppies who bet kibble on the fight (someone paint that)?

When officers arrived, they were able to pull Bishop’s right foot, and he came crashing through the ceiling to the floor near the cash registers.

According to police, Bishop says he knew the baby was defenseless, but says he took a chance that the gang chasing him wouldn’t hurt a child.

So, he got drunk and drove around with his daughter. Sometimes you have to recognize that Sons of Anarchy is just a TV show, and not a real thing happening in your life. I would hope a bike gang wouldn’t beat up some guy in front of their baby. But then again, a bike gang would probably beat you up if you drove around drunk with your baby.


Via AZ Family

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