Bacon Fans Saddened By Lack Of Bacon At Beer, Bacon And Music Festival

05.21.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

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A Frederick, Maryland Beer, Bacon And Music Festival is under fire after attendees spent $125 per ticket on the two-day festival only to be met with long lines, and — the horror — NO BACON. According to promoters, the festival was supposed to be equipped with 2 tons of bacon, more than 100 varieties of beer from at least 30 breweries, plus 10 bands, like anyone actually goes to these things for the music.

According to the Frederick News Post:

Event promoter Kenneth MacFawn said they delivered on those promises, but some of Saturday’s 5,000 attendees were disappointed by long lines and empty buffet trays.

According to MacFawn, supply wasn’t the problem; the cooks couldn’t keep up with the demand for bacon. “It was logistically all set up so there was no way you could run out of bacon,” he said.

Sounds like an ironclad plan to me. Oh, except for the part where they RAN OUT OF BACON. Ticket holder Irene Hafner spent almost two hours in line Saturday, and didn’t even get to smell any bacon.

But Hafner, a Jefferson resident, said she waited for an hour to get into the event, then spent an additional 45 minutes in line for the bacon bar.

“Not one piece of bacon got in my mouth,” she said.


In all seriousness, I regularly attend and even sometimes work events like this, and if you don’t keep this sh*t contained, it’s going to get out of control. With 5,000 people in attendance I don’t know how they expected this not to be a complete and utter failure. A friend of mine has been running Bacon and Beer events for the past couple of years now, and he caps his stuff at a few hundred, tops. And the last one I helped out with in Philly went absolutely flawlessly, other than a surprise snowstorm making a few of the vendors arrive late.

They got greedy, plain and simple. So from now, hereon forth — the good name of bacon shall ever be tarnished with greed and gluttony.

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