Barack Obama Is Using Miley Cyrus To Destroy America, Says The Frontman Of Korn

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02.20.14 7 Comments

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A week that began so promisingly for Barack Obama ended in tragedy, when the one man brave enough to call out our president for being a PHONY did exactly that. TMZ asked nu-metal’s answer to Adam Duritz, Korn leader singer Jonathan Davis, about his band’s new politicized “Spike in my Veins” music video for some reason, and he made almost TOO much sense.

“I think that our government uses those people to distract from what’s really going on…the thing with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, when that went down, I think Barack Obama passed a law [the National Defense Authorization Act] that he is basically a dictator, he can imprison whoever he wants, he doesn’t have to charge them, he can hold them as long as he wants.” (Via)

“He holds them like Miley does thongs,” he latter added, before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

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