Your Biggest 1990s Music Video Crush Did An Uncomfortably Sexy Photoshoot With Her Sons

02.13.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

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What Tawny Kitaen was to the 1980s, Stephanie Seymour meant to the 1990s, thanks to her appearances in two immortal Guns N’ Roses music videos, “Don’t Cry” and especially “November Rain,” featuring the greatest wedding dress of all-time. It cost $1 million to film, which adjusted for inflation, equals over $1.7 million in 2014 money. So what’s the former Mrs. Axl Rose, Stephanie Seymour, up to these days?

Getting her Cersei Lannister on, that’s what.




Seymour posed with her two sons, 20-year-old Peter and 17-year-old Harry, for Harper’s Bazaar, because?

Though the boys are no longer small, they haven’t stopped trying to dress up Mom. (Via)

Huh. I wonder what Helena Christensen’s up to…

Banner via Getty Image, photo via Sebastian Faena for Harper’s Bazaar

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